We won’t allow Racism, Misogyny and Homophobia in our Resistance

We won’t allow Racism, Misogyny and Homophobia in our Resistance

Taksim Square has been emancipated with the will of the people.

Taksim Square no longer is a hell where the arbitral prohibitions harass the public; where people are deprived from the right to assemble and from their freedom of speech.

Taksim Square is now the square where any voice –except anyone justifying any crime against humanity – can speak freely and be heard.

That is why Taksim Square is the square of freedom and comradery.

Except any crime against humanity, there is no restriction to any thought or perspective; prohibitions are even unimaginable!

In Taksim Square the prohibitive and oppressive policies of the state have been defeated.

We shall not restrict neither or own words or the words of others. 

We want to believe and confide in that every resister in Taksim Square acts with this awareness.

As the every subject of the resistance we declare that: “another life is possible”.  We have to treasure Taksim resistance, as it is a model of our hope. We have to elevate it with solidarity.

In this very square where wee seek freedom, we condemn racist, misogynist and homophobic slogans and swearwords.

The abuses, curses and reactions against women are indicative of the patriarchal perception of the honor. Accordingly, the same rage against the veiled women cannot be a part of our resistance!

Taksim is all ours!

As the comradeship requires, we have to defend the righteous co-existence of our differences.

Every being filled with hope turned their gazes at Taksim Square, we should not forget that and resist in solidarity stubbornly.