We are meeting in Taksim Square Saturday 7 PM with carnations in our hands.

Against all the suppression, our song of freedom we created in the heaven of solidarity and democracy in Taksim Square and in the Gezi Park pervaded to the entire world.

Forums that emerged in all the corners of our country, in every park and in every square represent our common will; they have become the lanterns brighten the path of democracy, peace and solidarity in utter darkness.

We say it once again; with all the colors that make us who we are, with unwavering common sense, endurance, determination and incredible creativity, we are still together in every sphere of life.

We have not given up on our demands and gains and we will never do so.

To commemorate our losses, to remind our demands, and to condemn the violence which is yet to exist in Mersin, Ankara and in the entire Turkey, we meet on Saturday at 7 PM in Taksim Square with flowers in our hands.

Long live our Solidarity …

Everywhere Taksim, Everywhere Resistance…