June 12, 2013 To the Press and Citizens of Turkey

As TAKSIM SOLIDARITY, we want to announce that none of our representatives have been invited and none will be participating to the meetings that will be held with Prime Minister. No meeting, while the police violence disregarding right to life so relentlessly continues in and around the Gezi Park, will produce results.

As the citizens of Turkey follow closely, a committee of representatives from Taksim Solidarity have met Deputy PM Bülent Arınç and conveyed the demands to the government through him in June 5, 2013. From this date on, there has been no statement regarding the demands, which were articulated.

As we have stated before, we once again claim our demands:

- Taksim Gezi Park will not be re-developed under the name of Artillery Barracks or any other project; an official statement on the cancellation of the current project is made; the attempts to demolish Ataturk Cultural Centre stop,

- Every responsible agent for the thousands of injured people and three deaths, starting with the Governors and the Police Chiefs of Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Hatay and everyone who prevented the use of the most basic democratic rights of the people; who gave orders for violent repression, enforced or implemented these orders are dismissed from their posts  The use of tear gas bombs and other similar materials is prohibited,

- Detained citizens who attended the resistance across the country are immediately released and an official statement which declares that there will not be any investigation about them,

- Starting with Taksim and Kizilay squares, all the meeting and demonstration bans effecting all of our squares and public areas and all the de facto blockings are abolished and stopped and barriers to freedom of expression are removed.

Being supported from all corners of our country and the world, our demands are incontestably legitimate. We will insistently pursue our demands that by no means are refutable in juridical terms. Our demands are legally beyond dispute in regard of the international, universal law criteria, which are also the bounding criteria for the lawsuits we have filed so far.

Not only in the Gezi Park, but also in many places in Istanbul and the Turkey the resistance continues. We call the citizens of Turkey to Taksim, Gezi Park at 7 PM in order to claim their demands with us.

We are waiting for you in the Gezi Park.

We are here and WE are NOT leaving.